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The following price information only applies to commissions that are for non commercial use. for commission inquiries.

Commissions: Open

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Character art

 Full Body

 Waist Up

 Shoulders Up

400 - 500 euros
220 - 280 euros

120 - 180 euros

If you do not have example art of your character or are looking for a new design, here are few common info points. You do not have to list every or any details but everything you leave out will be subject to artistic freedom. The best way to convey your idea is through reference images.


  • Height 

  • Hair style & color

  • Skin color & skin features

  • Eye color

  • Facias structure

  • Body type & Sex

  • Body features

  • Character race

  • Character class

  • Clothing & equipment astetic & color palette

  • Clothing & equipment details

  • Pose

  • 5'8'' / 173cm

  • Crimson red long wild wavy hair, reaches mid back

  • Unnaturally pale, multiple facial scars

  • Crimson red, slight glow

  • Sharp and angular 

  • Slender but fit, male with androgynous appearance

  • Goat horns, long sharp nails

  • Half elf

  • Rogue & bounty hunter

  • Deep red & black, Cosmic

  • Red jacket, knee high boots, two decorated swords

  • Action pose with swords, other than that up to you

Character illustration with a background

 400 - 1000 euros


Party commission

The price of party commissions can vary greatly depending on what kind of a party illustration you are looking for. Feel free to contact me via email or twitter if you want a price estimate for your concept.

Payment and Process

Things I need to know when you contact me for a potential commission:


  • Character/illustration info.

  • Your deadline for the commission, specify if you do not have one.

  • If you want to print your piece and what size of a print you are aiming for, specify if you do not want to print your piece.

Payment and Process

Your piece will be added to my queue after I have received the payment, first a sketch will be created and sent to you. In this phase you can point out things you wish to be changed if needed.
After the sketch is approved I will proceed to render, when the drawing is done you can still request small changes if necessary, but all editing would preferably be done in the sketch phase.

The character can be completely changed if I have not yet started working on it. There will not be an additional charge unless the new character concept is more complex.


Usually payments are handled upfront, but if necessary I can accept 50% upfront and 50% after the sketch has been approved.


Preferred payment method is PayPal and payments will be requested in EUR, if your account does not have the right currency PayPal should take care of the conversion.

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