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Primordial Spirits The Deep North

Primordial Spirits

Primordial Spirits are the three original Spirits who gave birth to the first generation of World Spirits. These three Spirits were created by an ancient goddess who saw the selfishness among her peers and decided to give life a more independent form of balance.

While gods may have created the world, they were not good at maintaining it. Many gods did not appreciate mortal life and saw the world they had created as a sandbox without much meaning. This caused life among mortals to be chaotic and dependent on worshiping the Gods to keep their interest. However, all this changed when the three Primordial Spirits and their family of World Spirits were born. The World Spirits were tasked to serve as anchor points to balance and maintain the world without the need of Gods, while The Primordial spirits guarded the link between mortal souls so no God could tamper with the essence of life.

Primordial Spirits Lumi


The First Primordial Spirit.

Said to be the Spirit of Wisdom and Strength.
Lumi’s world element is Yellow Amber.

According to an old tale, Lumi once gave a piece of their soul to a kind but hollow warrior who proved their worth in front of the ancient spirit. Even though Lumi is an important entity when it comes to maintaining the spiritual balance of the world, and the power Lumi’s soul possesses is irreplaceable, the value Lumi found within this mortal exceeded Lumi’s commitment to safeguarding their own spiritual

connection. Perhaps it wasn’t the proof of strength alone that caused Lumi to act this way, but rather a feeling of compassion for this lone and soulless warrior.

Primordial Spirits Kura


The second Primordial Spirit along with their twin Muta.
Said to be the Spirit of Charisma and Nature.

Kura’s world elements are Water and Ice.

Primordial Spirits Muta


The second Primordial Spirit along with their twin Kura.

Said to be the Spirit of Intelligence and Mastery.
Muta’s world element is Fire.

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